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We Make The Impossible
S.A.S. Group
Specialits in
 Long Term Covert Video Surveillance. 
Covert Technical Surveillance Systems
Very few firms are truly capable of performing long term covert video surveillance.  We are specialists in this field.  We have the equipment and expertise to conduct all your surveillance operations. 
We operate a fleet of specialized surveillance vehicles that blend into any environment.
Covert Technical Surveillance Systems
The Camera Systems never blink.  They never sleep, look away,take lunch or coffee breaks, bathroom breaks.  They never take vacations, holidays or sick days.  You simply can not compare them to conventional surveillance!
We use cutting edge technology to capture all the possible evidence that can be gathered.
This type of surveillance is essential to prove "Cohabitation".
No matter what your case situation or needs, we are capable of installing, servicing, and monitoring our surveillance systems to obtain the necessary evidence you require.   Your case deserves the very best advantages and we will provide unsurpassed service. 
It's been said:
"A picture is worth a thousand words." 
 Well,  a video is worth 
  " A  Million! "
Licensed Private Investigators  
 If you are a Licensed Private Investigator our installation team is skilled at covertly installing our systems. We offer "live view" and recorded video systems.
The next time you have a nearly impossible location to observe, call us to discus your options.
Our pricing is so competitive you will wonder why you never used these services before!
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