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Electronic Countermeasures- TSCM (Technical Surveillance Countermeasures) 
S.A.S Group operates the latest electronic countermeasures equipment to identify any radio frequency transmitters, telephone listening devices, acoustic leakage audio transmitters, infrared audio and video transmitters, as well as wired/wireless camera detection.
Who's Watching You?
What is interesting to note is that there is an underground industry involving 10's of billions of dollars a year in sales of illegal surveillance devices and multiples of that figure in economic and business losses. This is according to current government estimates, and is actually the tip of the iceberg! Illegal surveillance is rampant and is occurring in epidemic proportions.
Everyone is bugging everyone else, from spouses in domestic disputes to businesses in competition, and is virtually rampant in lawsuits. The interesting note is that the naiveté of even the average professional person is that this type of surveillance does not exist to any significant degree and is a rare occurrence. This lack of belief provides a fertile ground of basically easy pickings for the potential eaves dropper representing little risk of detection or prosecution.
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Our TSCM Sweeps include:
  • Bug Sweeps
  • Full Electronic Countermeasures Checks
  • Hidden Camera Detection
  • Wireless Camera Detection
  • Hidden Listening Devices
  • Telephone Listening Devices
GPS Anti-Tracking Units
If you believe you are being tracked by a GPS device we also have GPS Anti-Tracking Devices to rent which will render all GPS Tracking devices near you inoperative and prevent your location from being recorded or transmitted.
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