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Fugitive Recovery

S.A.S. Group LLC is proud to announce it is now licensed by the State of New Jersey as a

Bounty Hunter/Fugitive Recovery Agency.

We are one of the First agencies Licensed by the New Jersey State Police

to recover Fugitives from Justice and Bail jumpers under the new

"Bounty Hunter" licensing requirements.

Are you a Bail Bondsman or Bail Bond Agency?

Are you losing money and time tracing down your Bail skips? 

Let us assist you while your bail claim is still viable and worth money. Every day your bail jumper is out there it's costing You money!

Attention Bail Bond Agencies!

Under the new statutes only a NJ State Licensed Bounty Hunter

may now pursue and apprehend fugitives in the State of New Jersey.

All Other persons are operating illegally

and are subject to prosecution!

DO NOT ALLOW Unlicensed Agents to operate under your authority! You may be subject to Prosecution also.

Make sure your agency is operating legally, hire a licensed Bounty Hunterand ask to see their credentials. It will save you from possible litigation and prosecution.

Contact us for our fee schedule.